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​取引条件説明書は、”About Us"のページを、個人情報の取扱いは、下記をご参照ください。 












Please note the following:


Please visit "About Us" page for our terms and conditions, and below section for handling of personal data.


Zoom will be used for consultations/online events. 

Payment should be made via credit card, however fees may be charged for large amount settlements. 

For travel arrangements (booking) , we will ask for your credit card details to be used for booking. There may also be a case where payment link is sent to you instead.  

Handling of Personal Information 

Curious Travel will use the personal information provided in the application/inquiry form for communication with the traveler, and will also use it to the extent necessary for the arrangement of services provided by transportation and accommodation facilities, etc. in the travel requested by the traveler and the procedures for receiving those services.


In addition, Curious Travel may use travelers' personal information for (1) information on the company's products, services, and campaigns, (2) requests for opinions after participating in the trip, (3) questionnaires, (4) provision of promotional activities, and (5) preparation of statistical data.

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